EU FT-ICR MS European Network of Fourier-Transform Ion-Cyclotron-Resonance Mass Spectrometry Centers

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F. Ciências - Universidade de Lisboa

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7 T Bruker SolariX XR FT-ICR with ParaCell

F. Ciências - Universidade de Lisboa


Institute of Microbiology

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15T SolariX XR equipped with ParaCell ESI/MALDI dual source, ETD and ECD

Institute of Microbiology

Czech Republic

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory


Sapienza Università di Roma

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Bruker Apex II, 4.7 T - ESI and nano-ESI sources

Sapienza Università di Roma


Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

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Dual source Bruker Apex Ultra 7T with ParaCell

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology


Tesla Bruker hybrid SolariX XR FT-ICR mass spectrometer

Université Lille


Université Paris Sud

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Bruker Apex-Q 7T FT-ICR with IR lasers

Université Paris Sud


University of Eastern FInland

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12-T Bruker Solarix XR

University of Eastern FInland


University of Rostock

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Bruker SolariX 7T, Bruker APEX Qe 7T

University of Rostock


University of Warwick

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University of Warwick

United Kingdom

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Professor of analytical chemistry

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Marc-André DELSUC

Marc-André DELSUC

Senior Scientist at IGBMC Co-founder and Consultant at CASC4DE

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Director Manager

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05 - 07 November 2018

EU FT-ICR MS - Short Course #2 - 5-7 November 2018 - ORSAY

Orsay - France

FT-ICR for gas phase ion spectroscopy and structural characterization. This short course will allow hands on experience on FT-ICR coupled with IR free electron laser and OPO laser spectroscopy, as well as data interpretation.

Application is open until the course is fully registered.

20 - 24 August 2018

EU FT-ICR MS - END USER SCHOOL #1 - 20-24 August 2018 - JOENSUU

Joensuu - Finland

Experience the Unique Atmosphere of Eastern Finland!

The Summer School will be more than just taking a course: it is an excellent opportunity to experience an innovative and international learning environment while creating new networks with your fellow students - and let's not forget about the opportunity to enjoy typical Finnish summer activities in beautiful lakeside surroundings.

Our lively cities and cosy campuses welcome you, so make a smart decision and join us in the middle of (k)nowhere!

This is how UEF Summer School has been experienced: see the video in Youtube

Read more about reasons why to choose UEF here.

05 - 07 March 2018

EU FT-ICR MS - Short Course #1 - 5‐7 March 2018 - Rostock

Rostock - Germany

Subject : Atmospheric pressure ionization techniques for high resolution mass spectrometry of complex samples.



Unlike other analytical techniques, such as NMR, which mainly rely on a unique technology, MS is characterized by the existence of a large range of mass analyzers. FT-ICR MS is the most powerful MS technique. It offers up to 100 fold higher mass resolving power and mass accuracy than any other MS technique. On the contrary to NMR community with which the FT-ICR MS shares several features, FT-ICR MS has never been involved in a European INFRA network and so will be a legitimate candidate to the Integrating Activities for Starting Communities call. 

The EU FT-ICR MS network includes 10 FT-ICR MS centers from 8 different European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and United Kingdom) and 1 third country (Russia), a European FT-ICR MS manufacturer and 2 SMEs. It includes centers equipped with up-to-date FT-ICR MS and expertise which will cover most of the field in which FT-ICR mass spectrometry is involved: BioOrganic & BioInorganic, Cultural heritage, Glycomics, Environment, Imaging, InfraRed Spectroscopy of Ions in the Gas Phase, Lipidomics, Medicine, Petroleum & Coal Oil, Nanoparticles, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Proteomics, Structural biology. 

The EU FT-ICR MS proposal contains six work-packages which cover all the aspects of the INFRAIA-02-2017 (RIA) Integrating Activities for Starting Communities (WP1 Transnational access; WP2 Training and Education; WP3 Open Data and e-Infrastructure; WP 4 Joint Research Action; WP 5 Dissemination; WP6 Consortium management).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731077. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



Instruments & TNA centers : Lisbon (Portugal)...


The centre houses a 7 T Bruker SolariX XR FT-ICR with ParaCell, ESI, nanoESI and APCI ion sources, ECD, IRMPD and SORI.Expertise : ...

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Instruments & TNA centers : Skoltech (Moscow)...


The center houses a dual source Bruker Apex Ultra 7T with ParaCell.The group has a strong expertise in the development of mass spe...

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EU FT-ICR MS network and grapevine issues


Fourier Transform - Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR MS) is one of the most ubiquitous and powerful analytical techniques i...

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Learn more about the scientific publications ...


Hackenberg C., Hakanpää J., Cai F., et al (2018). Structural and functional insights into the unique CBS-CP12 fusion protein famil...

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Second Short Course at the University Paris S...


FT-ICR for gas phase ion spectroscopy and structural characterization. This short course will allow hands on experience on FT-ICR coupled wi...

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First posters for the EU FT-ICR MS network!


Here are 3 posters presented by the Sapienza Università di Roma @SapienzaRoma : 1 at 13th EFT-ICR, Freising and 2 at the IM...

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Spreading @EU_FT_ICR_MS network


Prof. Simonetta Fornarini from Sapienza University @unirome1 presenting our @EU_FT_ICR_MS network at the 24th IUPAC Conference on Physical O...

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22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conferen...


Elisa CRESTONI & Allesandro MACCELLI, and Davide CORINTI presenting EU FT-ICR MS network and research

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First End User School in Joensuu, Finland


More than 60 scientists attended to learn theory and practise of FT-ICR MS.

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The Uppcon 2018, 15th Uppsala Conference on Electron Capture and Transfer Dissociation Mass Spectromtrymeeting, is being held in Leeds on 16...

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The University of Eastern Finland Mass Spectr...


MS_12-T Bruker Solarix XR

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A new logo for the project!


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First Short Course at University of Rostock,...


Atmospheric pressure ionization techniques for high resolution mass spectrometry of complex samples.

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Kick-off meeting 19-20 February 2018


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Start 01/01/2018
25% 19/01/2019
End 31/12/2021
Budget allocation . M€ Budget allocation
Effort 497 p*m Effort
Effort 10 persons Full time equivalent



the 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference 2018 in Florence.

For more information, please visit the website : http://www.imsc2018.it/


The Uppcon2018 meeting

The Uppcon2018 meeting is being held in Leeds on 16-18 July.  It is a tandem mass spectrometry conference focused on advanced tandem mass spectrometry techniques such as ExD and UVPD.
for more informations, please chech the website : https://kuhmassy.wixsite.com/uppcon18/programme


Submission documents

Submission Procedures

Charter of Access for TransNational Access to the EU_FT-ICR_MS Research Infrastructure

Submission form

EU FT-ICR MS - End Users School # 1 - 20-23 August 2018 - Joensuu, Finland

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Carlos Afonso

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Edwin de Pauw

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Evgeny Nikolaev

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Guillaume van der Rest

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Jochen Friedrich

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Marc-Andre Delsuc Part I

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Marc-Andre Delsuc Part II

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Marc-Andre Delsuc Part III

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Marc-Andre Delsuc Part IV

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Marc-Andre Delsuc Part V

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Martin Sklorz - User school presentation : Atmospheric pressure ionization techniques for high resolution mass spectrometry of complex samples

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 M. Elisa Crestoni

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Peter O'Connor Part I

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Peter O'Connor Part II

EU_FT-ICR_MS EUS1 Petr Novak

EU_FT_ICR_MS Workshop full final-

EU FT-ICR MS - Short Course # 1 - 5‐7 March 2018 - Rostock, Germany






Dissemination and Communication Materials



Scientific Publications & Posters

POSTER_Alessandro MACCELLI & all - IMSC 2018, Florence, Italy - Metabolic survey of Italian vegetables: FTICR-MS and NMR-based untargeted analyses

POSTER_Davide CORINTI & all - IMSC 2018, Florence, Italy - Elusive monofunctional adducts of cisplatin with natural aminoacids revealed by IRMPD spectroscopy and photofragmentation kinetics

POSTER_Maria Elisa CRESTONI & all - EFTMS 2018, Freising, Germany - Mimicking Cytochrome P450 Compound I by a model high-valent iron(IV)-oxo porphyrin cation radical complex

POSTER_Marisa MAIA & All - Ciência 2018, Lisboa, Portugal - Uncovering mildew resistance biomarkers in grapevine: an integrated omics approach - Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal

POSTER_Marisa MAIA & all - EU FT-ICR MS EUS # 1, Joensuu, Finland - FT-ICR MS metabolomics approach to uncover grapevine resistance to downy mildew

POSTER_Marisa MAIA & all - ISFHE, Lisboa, Portugal - Metabolomics contribution for grapevine breeding programs: the quest of resistance associated compounds - Colegio F3 International Seminar Food, Health and Environment: Sustainability and Challenges

POSTER_Marisa MAIA & All - XII ICGBG, Bordeaux, France - Grapevine resistance to Plasmopara viticola: the search for metabolic biomarkers - XII International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics

PUBLICATION_Claudia HACKENBERG & all - Structural and functional insights into the unique CBS–CP12 fusion protein family in cyanobacteria

PUBLICATION_Davide CORINTI & all - Short-lived intermediates (encounter complexes) in cisplatin ligand exchange elucidated by infrared ion spectroscopy

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